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Drawing of a dog

Leadership Lessons from the end of the Leash: Trust Takes Time

By Andy Neillie | September 8, 2022

In our family, we love Golden Retrievers. They ride in our car, sleep at the foot of our bed, get “bully sticks” almost daily (much to my wallet’s chagrin!), and have brought endless joy to our lives. My wife and I started rescuing Goldens a few years into our marriage, and as a result, are currently on rescue numbers nine and ten. Each one of our rescued Goldens has taught us something about love, relationships, trust,…

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Car navigation map

Forget it. Drive On.

By Andy Neillie | August 14, 2022

Car navigation map

At the beginning of this year, my wife and I realized it was time to upgrade her 10-year-old SUV.  Our frugal bent and my wife’s sense of style came together when we found a 3-year-old off-lease premium SUV. Our frugal bent was satisfied with the significant savings compared with buying a new car. Her sense of style was met by the bells-and-whistles of a premium brand: a beautiful leather interior, panoramic sunroof,

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A Critical Eye Without a Critical Spirit

By Andy Neillie | July 10, 2022

CrossFit changed my life

If you read my last blog post, you know that since we all got off the road in the Spring of 2020, I’ve become more of a gym rat and have fallen in love with our CrossFit gym: UpReach CrossFit in Austin. One of the best things about discovering CrossFit is discovering the amazing coaches that come along with it. Coach Paige is one of those amazing coaches. She leads our twice-a-week Olympic Lifting class for members who want to work on these more technical lifts like dead lifts,

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man and two women in gym

Barbells, Community and Influence

By Andy Neillie | June 22, 2022

Like quite a few of us, in early 2020, my wife’s and my work went from all travel to all Zoom almost overnight. Instead of frantically racing through airports each week, I was having to navigate the new world of virtual meetings. Cameras and microphones, breakout rooms, internet outages, learning to use “,” – you name it – we dealt with it!

To help combat the hours of leading Zoom meetings each day,

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Wave crashing near light tower

Grace for the Present

By Andy Neillie | May 6, 2022

I recently went to a church service with some friends where the pastor talked through the age-old story of when Jesus walks on the water and calms his disciples during a storm. His point from the message? At times, there may be big storms raging, and big questions unanswered, but you just need to live in “Grace for the Present.”

Wave crashing near light tower

Over the last two (!) years throughout this pandemic,

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house covered in snow

Four Leadership Reflections from a Snow Day in Austin

By Andy Neillie | January 16, 2021

It snowed in Austin on Sunday. Real snow. For hours. If you are from the Midwest or Mountain States, what we had may not qualify as “real snow” in your opinion. But for us, the flurries swirled for 6+ hours and the local weather reporting station declared an inch-and-a-half of total snowfall between 9a and 3p. Several Austin suburbs recorded 5 inches or more.

Such fun! We’ve lived in Austin for more than 20 years.

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Kale Pasta

It’s the Little Things That Matter Most – Two Best Practices for Leaders

By Andy Neillie | December 9, 2020

Unlike any year since 1995, in the past nine months I haven’t been on a single airplane. But I have been in our kitchen. In fact, during this time I’ve gone from being our grocery-store errand-runner and prep chopper to full-blown chef (*with a pretty large disclaimer).

Indeed, one night last week I made “Creamy Pasta and Kale.” In addition to the pasta and kale, my recipe included garlic, rosemary, verjus blanc (BTW: if you have no clue what “verjus blanc” is,

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dog between feet

Mickey is Better, But Not Where We Wish He Was

By Andy Neillie | November 10, 2020

Mickey is better, but not where we wish he was. And he probably never will be.

dog between feet

We rescued Mickey four years ago. He is rescue #9 for us over the last 30+ years. Like many rescued pets, Mickey’s story has some sadness to it. He was not given the vaccinations he needed as a puppy and developed distemper. While he survived, his neurological system didn’t develop correctly.

The vast majority of the time Mickey is just fine.

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bars of soap

Help! I’m running out of soap!

By Andy Neillie | October 13, 2020

It has been more than six months since I got off an airplane. Normally by this time of year I would have well over 100,000 air miles as I criss-cross the US for client engagements.

bars of soap

And now I’m fast approaching a crisis situation: after stockpiling hotel soap for the past 20+ years – and avoiding the grocery store soap aisle since the 1990s – I’m down to just a few,

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