Leadership Instincts & Anecdotes

By Andy Neillie | March 29, 2016

Leaders lead by instinct and anecdotes. The best leaders add data to support what they suspect.

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Leadership is pretty simple

By Andy Neillie | March 15, 2016

Leaders simply “clear the clutter” for their teams.

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By Andy Neillie | February 21, 2016

If you don’t like change, you better love irrelevance

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Mike, headlamps and the passion of a leader

By Andy Neillie | February 11, 2016

I’ve been a member of Recreational Equipment Incorporated for more than 20 years.  REI started out as a small mountain-climbing buyer co-op, and I was into mountain climbing in high school and college.  REI has grown to become an international member co-op with retail locations across the US and around the world, and their gear has…

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5 Things to do when you can’t hire a "10"

By Andy Neillie | February 4, 2016

In his excellent leadership book, Axiom, Bill Hybels challenges us to “Hire Tens.” By this, he means that we should only hire a leader who is a “10” at their job: top-caliber in their abilities to lead and drive excellence. The fear is that, if we hire an 8, the best that person can get…

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Mark these dates

By Andy Neillie | January 25, 2016

“The two most important days of your life are the day you were born and the day you figure out why you were born.” — Tom Walsh, American Airlines Magazine, February 1, 2010

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The Leaders' Hour, pt. 2

By Andy Neillie | January 16, 2016

A recent blog entry about The Leader’s Hour generated some interest in what practices a leader engages to start their day off right. While not a perfect approach, here are the five things I do to start my day off well. What would you add to this list? Scripture reading and reflection. For the past…

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The Leader's Hour

By Andy Neillie | January 9, 2016

The Leader’s Hour: Prioritize prioritizing. Begin with the end in mind. Start slow to go fast. Reflect for impact. Start like no one else to end like no one else. It doesn’t matter who the leader is, they all know the same thing: leaders must spend time on their own, ahead-of-time, deciding where to invest…

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The Willowcreek Global Leadership Summit was great!

By Andy Neillie | August 18, 2014

In addition to the leadership and training work I do, my wife and I own several local businesses in Central Texas: Aqua-Tots Swim Schools.  These schools are child-friendly year-round indoor swim centers. Our team members at these schools get to help thousands of children annually become safe and comfortable in the water.  They are making…

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