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Leadership Minute Video: Persistence

By Andy Neillie | May 8, 2016

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Leadership Minute Video: Character & Competence

By Andy Neillie | April 30, 2016

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What is leadership vision?

By Andy Neillie | April 25, 2016

What do you wish your team members were more passionate about?  Serving customers? Growing the organization?  Impacting their world?   According to Bill Hybels, “Vision is a picture of the future that produces passion in people.”  If we want our people to have passion, we need to have vision.  What are you casting vision about?  How are you doing so?

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Leadership Minute Video: Clarity as a leader

By Andy Neillie | April 22, 2016

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The One Leadership Necessity

By Andy Neillie | April 19, 2016

In the past seven years, we’ve built a sustainable multi-million-dollar franchise business. But not really. In the first two years, we made no money. (That’s not exactly true; I think our bookkeeper told me we made $17,000 our first 24 months in business.  Net. Total. Two highly motivated and relatively competent people hard at work and we weren’t making it. Definitely not enough to cover a mortgage. And car payments. And groceries.  You get the point.  

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Leadership Minute Video: Flexibility

By Andy Neillie | April 18, 2016

As a leader, do you struggle with flexibility?

Check out this Leadership Minute Video on

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Leadership Communication

By Andy Neillie | April 5, 2016

There is a continuum of communication: inform, persuade, manipulate, coerce. Effective leaders spend most of their communication efforts persuading. Managers inform, Leaders persuade, autocrats manipulate, dictators coerce.

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Leading into a future fraught with change and challenges

By Andy Neillie | March 30, 2016

I recently heard a futurist talk about nine trends for the future.  The first four trends he discussed were challenging, the last five trends offered optimism.

1. Consumers in the US lack confidence. They are “bullish-but-squeamish.”
2. Baby boomers are aging and anxious.  The “young-old” are doing well, but the “old-old” are struggling.
3. Climate change is happening. Weather will impact markets and travel more and more.
4. Water scarcity is impacting millions and will grow.

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Leadership Instincts & Anecdotes

By Andy Neillie | March 29, 2016

Leaders lead by instinct and anecdotes. The best leaders add data to support what they suspect.

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