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Leadership of self is the most important leadership . . . and the hardest. Here are 3 thoughts to keep in mind.

Who’s your most difficult leadership challenge? If you are honest and have at least a degree of self-awareness, you will join every good leader in realizing the most challenging leadership challenge you face is the one in the mirror.

Self-deception. Taking short-cuts. Being inconsistent. Holding others accountable when you don’t hold yourself accountable. Placing blame. Being clueless about the real issues.

Call it what you want: your biggest leadership challenge is yourself.

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Leadership Insights from Joshua: 3 timeless principles

I just re-read the book of Joshua in the Hebrew Scriptures. It is the story of how the Jewish God helped them to begin the conquest of the Promised Land. For me, this book is one of the most inspiring books in the Hebrew Scriptures, mainly because of Joshua and his fellow leader, Caleb. Toward the end of my reading, I saw three clear leadership lessons emerge.

Leadership Lesson #1

Sometimes goals take a long time to accomplish.

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Leadership Powerlessness

Leadership sounds wonderful.  It’s not.  Sometimes it’s downright scary.

She’s not making her numbers. More precisely, her division is significantly off our year-to-date forecast. She was strong through the first quarter, but started dipping at the beginning of the second quarter. Her third quarter is off to a very challenging start.

We had a very hard, very productive conversation about it recently. She owns the responsibility. She sees the reasons and doesn’t use them as excuses.

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Mark these dates

“The two most important days of your life are the day you were born and the day you figure out why you were born.”
— Tom Walsh, American Airlines Magazine, February 1, 2010

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