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Leaders are Resilient

Young Redford

Without noticing it, Redford got old. The handsome “Cover Boy” of my best-selling book, “The Golden Principles” went from cover-boy looks and alpha-male behavior to white-faced and slow. We rescued him when he was just over a year old. We lost him to old age at 14. For a Golden, that’s old. And while he was in good health almost to the end, he moved slowly in his final days. But even in his advancing age,

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It’s Not Just About the Bunny Ears

red door - small

Today is Easter Sunday and the middle of Passover week. For Jews and Christians, some of the most important days of the year: days that have always represented the hope of deliverance.

In our Austin neighborhood – perhaps like yours – it’s also been a day for a “social distancing” kind of Easter egg hunt.  Many of our neighbors have placed pictures of Easter eggs in their front windows.  Families,

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Leadership…Of 9's and 10's and 3's and 4's

As leaders, do we realize the long-term consequences of failing to deal with poor performance on our teams?

Recently I was visiting with an owner of a franchise company about the training they offer franchisees. In particular, how to properly evaluate staff members.

“We tell our franchisees the goal is to have a staff of 9’s and 10’s. These are the employees who work hard, care about excellence, and are motivated to grow.

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