Leadership Development for Business Owners & Managers

Fast forward to today: five million frequent flier miles later, and I’m still awed that I get to speak to leaders, worldwide, about leadership. I’ve learned from so many of them, and I love to share the insights they have. If you are on this journey with me, and want to learn from those I’ve learned from, it would be my privilege to work with you and your team.

Here’s the type of benefits clients mention about the leadership work I’ve done with them through my speeches, workshops, coaching and consulting:

  • Confidentiality and a Safe Environment. The ability to be among other leaders, all committed to growing, allows my clients to know they are in a safe place for honest reflection and growth. “It’s nice to know I’m not the only manager struggling with this” is a comment I’ve heard regularly.
  • Personal Attention. Because I’m select about the clients I work with, the leaders I engage receive customized focus. I get to know their industry, their business, the mix of their employees and customers. I know the specific challenges they face and how to apply leadership best practices.
  • Accountability. Every time I work with a client, I make sure they walk away with clear, actionable goals and steps to implement those goals. No theory here, just hard-hitting, practical tools to make your managers better leaders.
  • Individual Leader Assessments. When it makes sense for a client, I use assessments and 360 tools to provide a deeper, specific understanding of strengths and areas for improvement. These assessment tools provide great insights for one-on-one leadership coaching discussions.
  • Hands-on Practice. Once again, when it makes sense, through interviews and research, I design custom leadership case studies that come from my client’s specific organization and field. This allows leaders to reflect and practice new leadership skills and behaviors in real-to-life settings.
woman leading a group meeting